Day Seven : Obedience

Join us in the sanctuary as we celebrate this season of consecration!

Daily Focus: Obedience

February 7

Our season of consecration will culminate in seven days of church-wide prayer and fasting, starting on Wednesday, February 1, and ending on Tuesday, February 7. The Church will shut in from noon-midnight each day for praying, fasting, praising, and worshiping. Individuals will be permitted to enter and leave our Sanctuary throughout these hours at their discretion. During these seven days, all ministry activities will be on pause. On the seventh day, Tuesday, February 7, 2023, we will close our consecration: with a two-part celebration.

Part One- The congregation will march around the Narthex silently six consecutive times. After the seventh round, the Shofar will be blown, its sound resounding loud as a roaring sea. Our reenactment of the children of Israel marching around the Jericho walls on the seventh day will be symbolic of our simple obedience to consecrate to "Go Out" into Philadelphia and beyond to fulfill the purposes of God. We believe the Holy Ghost will implode the walls of our imprisonment resulting in the unity needed to go into the enemy's camp to take back what belongs to us.

Part Two - We will transition into a Prayer Service where we anticipate the glorious presence and the power of the Holy Spirit to bring about salvations, healings, deliverances, and more

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