Volunteer FAQ

Here are some important things to know!

How can I volunteer?

Sign up to volunteer here!

Are there any other locations or times this year, besides the church campus?

Yes, please email vbsministry@newcovenantchurch.org. If there are other sites that are open to the public, they will be posted on the website as approved. Alternate sites that need additional volunteers will be assigned based on your availability. You can also contact vbsministy@newcovenantchurch.org . Adult age groups could be considered as well.

When is training?

Training will take place in person Sunday, June 4th, following service, light refreshments will be available. (Roughly 12-2pm)

How do I get my clearances, or where do I send them?

Upon receipt of your registration, your name will be forwarded to our clearance designee who will touch base with you and let you know what is needed. You can also ask questions and get assistance with clearances at the VBS

Narthex table, or at training.

Here are the forms for volunteers age 18 and older:

Safety Affirmation (if this is your first time volunteering with children at NCC) can be done in person at the VBS table or one of the VBS events prior to VBS

  • Child Abuse Clearance
  • Criminal Background Check
  • FBI Fingerprint (If you live outside of Pennsylvania currently, OR if you have lived outside of Pennsylvania in the past 10 years, you will need this form.) The other forms are free for volunteers, this one is not. If the cost is a barrier, please reach out to vbsministry@newcovenantchurch.org. 

For instructions on filling out the forms online, please see the Online Clearances Document linked below.

For assistance, or to send copies of clearances you already have, please contact cynthia@newcovenantchurch.org 

Where will I find the information I need to volunteer for VBS?

Once you register, you will be added to a volunteer-only group which is accessible through the Church Center App or the Member's Portal. From that group, messages and/or emails will go out. In addition, you can find documents and document links in the resources tab. This will be covered in training, or you can reach out to vbsministry@newcovenantchurch.org if you need assistance.

What will I be doing as a volunteer?

There are many ways you can help out during VBS week:

  • Teaching Lessons
  • Assisting Teachers
  • Helping attendees during journal time
  • Facilitating Games
  • Music with attendees
  • Administrative- check people in, make sure we have everything we need for each attendee, help with dismissal and make sure attendees get to their parents, collect forms from each group and input to database