Life Connecting Teams

Small groups focused on evangelism, discipleship, and service within the community and the church.

Who Are We?

Life Connecting Teams (LCT) is the small group ministry of New Covenant Church of Philadelphia.

Our teams are comprised of members from New Covenant, and invited guests, who participate in community-based monthly meetings. Teams meet throughout Philadelphia and the surrounding counties, New Jersey and Delaware.

The primary focus of our teams is to develop an intimate relationship with God.

We enjoy Christian fellowship, by creating a spiritual family and support network; share bible-based teachings; support our families and communities in prayer; develop future leaders; grow into faithful disciples of Jesus Christ who are actively engaged in the life of the church and know their life purpose.

Members participate in service oriented outreach activities directed toward creating relationships and supporting improvements in the quality of life in our communities while sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ. In this way, we support and carry out the mission of New Covenant Church.

When Do We Meet?

Most meetings are held on the first Sunday of the month.

´╗┐Since March 2020, Meetings are held on the selected day of the month that the team agrees upon using virtual platforms or conference calls

How Can You Contact Us?

For more information about LCT Ministry email