get together philly

Inspiring and Equipping Kingdom Citizens!

Get Together Philly!

"Get Together Philly!" exists to inspire and equip kingdom citizens to identify, discover, and fulfill their life's purposes as Christ's witnesses; while serving their unique gifts to their generations, to Philadelphia, and beyond.

"Get Together Philly!" (GTP) hosts four community initiatives:

These are specifically designed with reaching both within and outside of NCCOP. We reach within to strengthen, encourage, teach, and activate believers. We reach out to witness, have compassion toward, pray for, and serve the people who we meet daily.

1. Prayer Stations

2. The Gathering

3. Crown Your Year with Goodness (CYG)

4. Ceasefire Philly Cure Violence

Coming Soon...

Crown Your Year with Goodness (GYG)

Get Together Philly! Crown Your Year with Goodness initiative is inspired by Psalm 65:11, Thou crownest the year with thy goodness, and thy paths drip with abundance. CYG is a series of personal development seminars that take place monthly. The hands-on course of study teaches you how to identify your mission and set goals related to that mission. Most significantly, you will be helped to decide upon and get to work on your passion project! CYG Coaches will be available to assist you as needed by way of a private social media group. As participants achieve their goals, they will be recognized and rewarded at the quarterly GTP! The Gathering. 

Ceasefire Philly Cure Violence

Get Together Philly! CeaseFire Cure Violence partnered with the Executive Director of Philadelphia CeaseFire at Temple University. The mission is to assemble faith leaders across the city to come together to create real-time, strategic solutions that lead to the prevention and reduction of the disease of violence in our communities.